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Thinking about the Future


What will the future look like as we begin to truly enter the age of intelligent robots and machines? What will we do for work and how will we add value in an economic system “powered by” and “augmented by” software and machines that will eventually be able to outperform us at both physical and mental work?  


I started thinking about these issues over 15 years ago when I specialized in recruiting engineers and scientists who were building these types of Artificial Intelligence systems. At the time nobody but science fiction writers, Hollywood producers and R&D scientists were even thinking about what this type of future might look like. Few people were even talking about it a year ago when I released my book. I would pose these questions to the many business leaders that I know, many of them who work in the technology industry, and most would laugh it off as “Valley Hype”, not believing for a second that we were even close to such a thing.


Amazing what a year can bring. Today most business leaders are quickly realizing that these technologies are real, they are here, and they represent a tremendous level of disruption that ushers in  both tremendous opportunities as well as challenges.


About Me:


I am an experienced entrepreneur, passionate storyteller and I love to throw on a backpack and head off to exotic points unknown in search of adventure and transformational experiences. I am a true believer that technology, if designed correctly, can improve every facet of our lives. To this end I have spent over 15 years working for and with early stage start-ups developing cool products and recruiting top talent. In addition I have backpacked overland through 38 countries on bikes, tuk tuks, camels, horses, cars and trains.


I live just north of San Francisco in Marin County and I am blessed with a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters. I love hiking in the hills surrounding my house with my daughters where I am constantly reminded of that fact that no matter how advanced software becomes it will never match the creativity that comes bubbling out of young kids heads seemingly non-stop!  



The Way of the Navigator: The Future of Work in the Age of Cognitive Computing
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