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The focus of this book are the positive and negative impacts that intelligent machines will have on our economic system, industry and on individuals. 


I explore how Artificially Intelligent software, machines and robots will change how we make, sell and deliver products and services. And how this in turn will drive a fundamental reassessment of the value that various businesses provide and the type of work that many individuals do.


In the last third of the book I humbly offer prescriptive advice around how we might re-invent ourselves and our businesses to remain relevant in the world to come. 



About the Author

Jason T. Stoughton is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and strategic consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the high tech industry.


He is currently the co-founder and serves as the CEO of a Saas analytics company that provides talent, people and HR insights and solutions to clients


This book evolved from conversations with senior executives and technologists as well as from his past experience as a search executive specializing in recruiting scientists and engineers focused on building Artificial Intelligence systems. 


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