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Future of Work: The Way of the Navigator in a Nutshell

The Way of the Navigator is a philosophy developed in response to what I see as a fundamental set of truths that I describe in greater detail in my book and which are found in the following axiom:

Disruption is accelerating

Disruption leads to Complexity

Complexity causes anxiety, confusion, stress and leads to paralysis of action.

In short, The Way of the Navigators response to these foundational truths is to recognize that the highest value service (or product) that we can provide to others is helping them distill simplicity out of complexity and to help them navigate through the complexity that remains and get to a place where they are able to overcome paralysis and take action.

What I have found over the years is that the best service providers (doctors, lawyers, sales people, etc.), the best products and the best companies all naturally exhibit the traits I have sought to describe in The Way of the Navigator.

So if we accept these problems and the solution I propose then The Way of the Navigator should be the foundation upon which, and a framework within which, needed transformation can occur. It should be the prism through which we develop leaders, identify and recruit talent, design new services and products, understand the needs of our customers, develop customer service best practices, etc.

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